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June 27 Restore

Backyard Barbeques, Burgers and Babies
Celebrating the Fourth of July with my extended family has always been about backyard barbeques, burgers and babies.  One of the aunts and uncles would host our rather large family, grill up some burgers and dogs, and the parade of babies would begin. We have a very prolific family.  Catching up was finding out who was pregnant, who was due next and chatting about the kids running around.  Back then, I was one of the rugrats running around and enjoyed these 4th of July outings immensely. Time travel to the present day and they still are enjoyable.  But now I am one of the aunts, and even my own kids are out of the running around stage.  We watch one aspiring gymnast (all of 7 years old) turn cartwheels in the yard, a future financial wizard sell miniature flags he just colored in, and the someday Phillies ball player throwing the baseball to his younger brother.  

I take great hope in these children and these moments as I watch them do their own gr…