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April 25 Restore

I am just not that into birthdays - others yes, my own, no.  It is not that I am in denial but I feel like everyday is another opportunity to be here celebrating my time on this green planet.  So while this is my Big "50", I chillaxed about it.  I did however, have a wonderful day.  My family, my extended family, and friends made it such a warm, cuddly, and delicious day.  Their birthday greetings and gifts gave me a quick little trip down memory lane of how I know that person and the light that they bring to my life.  Gratitude abundance!

Just as I put my head down to sleep on this special day, I sent each of those rays of light a little love in the form of a Metta Meditation.  Here are a few versions of practicing loving kindness and gratitude to others.  Don't forget yourself as you repeat these affirmations. 

Waking this morning, I smile A brand new day is before me. I aspire to live each moment mindfully. And to look upon all beings with the eyes of kindness and compassio…

April 18 Restore

Everywhere that I look is celebration.  Within our domestic household, we celebrated Easter and rebirth and then a few days later my youngest made her turn into a teenager.  Outside, I see all kinds of celebration with the very Irish green grass growing at an alarming rate and the nodding tulips hiding their true colors in the morning, but sharing these spectacular hues by afternoon.  The birds add their own celebratory sounds to the backdrop of my days.  I relish in these delights as I set my feet onto the earth and my hands in the dirt, walking along my path.  These awarenesses fuel my creative impulses but I sense that I can't stay focused on one endeavor at a time.  I want to be the growing grass, the budding flower, the exultant bird and lit upon each and every opportunity for growth and creativity.

Hence, another reason why my restorative practice is important to me - grounding practices will sustain me in this highly creative time. For me, it is like a resetting of being, re…

April 11 Restore

You will know the force when you are calm, at peace... The force is my ally and powerful ally it is Life creates it, makes it grow It's energy surrounds us and binds us... Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter
Empire Strikes Back
And onto the Darth Vader Breath...

The Breath
Ujjayi Breath - Victorious Breath to "Ham Sa"
A breath to center you, help with focus. Energizing and warming to the body. Great for better respiratory function.   Another benefit may be humidfied air going in, dust particles going out of the nostrils and lungs. Supports releasing feelings of frustration or anxiety.

Air is drawn in through the nostrils (inhalation) and the back of the throat (glottis) is slightly closed which moves the air down the trachea and into the lungs more efficiently creating a warmth.  The exhalation releases from the lungs and travels up the trachea through this smaller opening out of the nostrils.  The sound closely resembles an ocean wave moving into the shoreline or for St…

April 4 Restore

5 Uplifting Affirmations to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS TOO10 Mantras To Inspire Happiness I’ve got great news, yogi friends! You know how you feel amazing after practicing yoga? Well, you can actually direct all that awesome energy you cultivate on the mat towards a specific area of your life you want to improve. How, you ask? By working with a positive affirmation during your practice. Setting your intention Take a few moments at the start of your practice to close your eyes and plant the seed of intention in your mind. As you move and breathe, you can then direct your efforts towards that internal goal. To really reinforce that positive message, take a minute or two to meditate on your intention at the end of your practice. Once the seed’s been planted, you can water it with your words and actions off the mat, which can in turn uplift and inspire other people too. Here are five of my favourite affirmations that I have used to inspire my yoga practice and improve …

March 28 & 30 Restore

The Art of Letting Go

I fancy myself an artist, any type of medium will do from the canvas, a piece of clay, photography, cooking, voice or beating my drum.  But there is one art that I have a difficult time envisioning me doing - and that is Letting Go.

Artists may be born with natural talent but they must practice to hone their craft.  In letting go, we are also born with the innate ability to let go but then we are carved, splattered, and initiated in the world around us and subsequently, lose our born ability to let go. As a baby, we are hungry, we cry, we get fed, we move on... We don't dwell on the slowness of our mothers or fathers feeding us.  Or another example, the game of Peek-a-boo. Babies completely forget that the person is there when the hands cover the face of that person and then voila!  - there they are again.  The ultimate example of impermanence or letting go moment by moment.  When we understand these concepts, we can begin to detach from our preconceptions, tho…