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March 21 Restore

With the last bits of snow dotting our landscape, we welcome Spring.  We celebrate regrowth from the dormancy of the winter months.  The winter is vital for our next season. In winter, we hunker down to dream, envision, and plan.  We draw our selves inward for self reflection and introspection.  We also give our bodies time to rest, recuperate, and prepare for all the bursting forth that comes with spring.  Sharing a wonderful post from a yogi friend named Jesse. I read part of this in class and thought it perfect to share again with the world.

Nature is a lovely metaphor. With the coming of the Vernal Equinox, it's time for a rebirth. As the dark, cold days of Winter have breathed their final breaths for this trip around the Sun, the melting of the remnant snow takes with it anything which may have put a freeze on our lives. With growing sunlight each and every day, the life force energy impregnates the Northern Hemisphere, and we can sense the time is ripe for planting seeds. Befo…

March 7 Restore

I was going to change the photo for March with some shots of flowers just blooming but keeping the current weather in mind, snow is still apropros.

I am still digging the Becoming Wise CDs and now am on my second round of listening to them.  Krista Tippett's interview with Rachel Naomi Remen shares a story about the creation of the universe.  I tried to find the story online but could not locate it.  She refers to it as Tikkun Olam, Jewish teachings.  Here is my best retelling of this incredible story.

We are all light bearers.

In the beginning, there was only holy darkness, the source of life, and then in the course of history, at a moment in time, this world, the world of a thousand thousand things emerged from the heart of holy darkness as a great ray of light. There was an accident, as there usually is in Jewish stories,  and the vessels that contained the light of the world, the wholeness of the world, broke. And the wholeness of the world, the light of the world scattered into…

February 28 Restore

I am so so glad to be back in the swing of things this week.  Last week, I had a family emergency, that put my life as I knew it "on hold".  But now that I look back on it, life really was not "on hold" at all.  Life happens and that includes family emergencies.  I think my yoga practice helped me realize this enough, that I appreciated the time that I had supporting my family in this emergency.  My yoga practice most recently has been less about the physical and more about mindfulness, meditation and inspiration.  I still move, dance, rock it out while making that a smaller percentage of my practice.

A Meditation My friend and colleague, Jenny Lee, shared with me and the world an introduction to meditation that I have been practicing lately.  I now want to pass this on to you as my gift.  She is an excellent instructor and everything that she does is from the heart.  Begin with 5 minutes in the meditation practice, staying focused, present on just that time.  Chec…