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Sept. 27 Restore

What is in your Toolbox?
Restorative Yoga can certainly be a yummy practice leaving you feeling warm, loved and safe.  But there may be times as life unfolds in our bodies, our thoughts, and in our deeper recesses of our being, that emotions and past scars rise to the top which makes the practice  downright difficult.  Not so delicious.  That is when the real work begins.  Before we lay our foundation, we have to uncover what is in the ground. But with any work, we need tools to accomplish the job.  So what is in your yogic toolbox?  What do we all have to work with?

Breathing - we all do this but different techniques and awareness can support our many layers of our being, our moods, our physical sensations, our thoughts.  This blog and many other sources on-line and otherwise can provide information on different breathing techniques.  Begin with breath awareness, paying attention to the air moving in and out.  That in itself may support your presence in the present, good or bad.

Take In…

Sept. 20 Restore

4 days post-training and I am still feeling the love.  I spent 6 days at Yogaville in Virginia with the beloved Nischala Joy Devi, immersing myself in Healing Relationships.  This program is an essential part of my training as a yoga therapist.  This being my first foray into the practice of Integral Yoga, I didn't know what to expect.  I had heard that Yogaville was a true ashram with monks, disciples and trainees of a guru named Swami Satchiananda (ananda meaning heart).

I came with a slightly open mind and heart to learn and immerse myself in their daily living.  It was my past experience with organized religions, that clouded my initial immersion.  With this in mind, I will share with you what Integral Yoga is, my experiences, and where I am going with this study.

"Truth is one, paths are many"
There are many, many styles of yoga and Integral Yoga is another style but is multifaceted in its offering.   
"The Goal of Integral Yoga, and the birthright of every indivi…

Restore Sept. 6

Books, pencils, folders, oh my!  Yes, we hit Staples this year and contrary to the ad on TV, I did not dance through the aisles.  The summer flew by, the days and nights melded into each other, - as one long sigh.  The earth letting the weight of its layers lie even heavier.  Awakening to the sound of the high school kids getting on the school bus, this is but a reminder, that we are in transition - some attachment to where we were but hope for where we are going.  With this in mind, I share with you the mantra for Overcoming Obstacles, setting forth from our very root and connection to the earth - springing forth from the long sigh of summer.

The Inspiration
Ganesh Mantra


The Breath
3-Part Breath (Dirga Pranayama) - Expanding energy, circulation

Come to a comfortable seated or supine position, fully supported. Place hands on your belly and breathe in enough so that you feel the abdomen…