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June 14 Restore

This has been a pretty rough week thus far.  I don't need to rehash why.  But where does one turn when the world seems a pretty rotten place.  How do we heal ourselves and others?  First step is inward and then outward.

Our approach to the inner realm must be slow, gentle and filled with compassion and respect.  How would you approach a snake in the grass? (Or maybe you wouldn't).  The approach is much the same; slow, gentle, compassion-filled and with full respect.

We come back to our inner stillness through gentle waves of breath, soft focus on our body, observation of our thoughts, affirmations of our deepest longing, and acceptance of all things present without clinging to those things.  A restorative practice is one of the best practices for going inward.  Your body is supported so that your awareness can rest on the subtle body sensations, the breath, the mind and not on the muscular actions of the body.  You may be guided via your own self-inquiry or by an experienced tea…

June 7 Restore

The last remnants of my oldest daughter's high school career are seen on our couch.  Every school day since middle school, she has placed her backpack on that couch, so that she could grab it on her way out.  Early on, I could be seen walking her to the bus stop. A year later that wasn't cool and I was relegated to the front porch, just watching the bus go by.  Fast forward to high school, where she was sometimes up and out of the house before I even woke up.  And some mornings, the goodbye was a "May I borrow the car?".

I will miss the sight of her heavy backpack on the couch.  Next year as she begins college at Montco., she may not even use a backpack and a few years after, may not even be home.  I've cherished watching her backpack grow - with knowledge and independence into the mature backpack that it is - Ready to take on the world (which coincidentally is right smack next to it!).

The KOSHAS What are they and can they lead me to my center of being?
The five kos…