April 26 Restore

Graduation Day - receiving my 500 hour certificate

I felt so welcomed by everyone in the class on Tuesday. It certainly made my transition home much easier.  The two weeks of yoga therapy training were much more intense than I could have ever predicted. Our subject matter consisted of Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Grief, Pain, and Cancer.  I felt like I was dragged through the mud at times and lifted to the skies at other times. Balance was forthcoming from some of our 'out of classroom' romps; like feeding turtles, numerous hikes through the hills, river wading, chilling in Austin, countless opportunities to laugh and love one another, and of course, delicious vegetarian and vegan meals.

One of the main themes from the training, which I learned, was the idea of holding space.  Sacred space for our clients, our students, and ourselves. I recently came across this article which shares the author's story as well as 8 suggestions for holding space for somebody.  Read through and try it out at your own (s)pace and time.


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