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April 5 Restore

Mother Nature is so fickle and stubborn. She won't give up on her tight hold on winter weather.  And now I sit with patience, biding my time until spring erupts in a fury of color, sound and smells.  Actually I don't need to sit very long as I am departing on the second part of the first part of my yoga therapy training (confused yet?).  The first leg of this journey is earning 300 credit hours of learning, study and practicum.  The program was split into two segments of two weeks each, to make it manageable for life. So back to Austin I go.

I am so happy with the program with Inner Peace and look forward to the next two weeks with the various faculty, the facilitators, and of course, my colleagues in-training.  We will be wrapped up in the study of Yoga for Depression, Yoga for Grief Relief, Yoga for Chronic Pain, and Yoga for Cancer.  Intense study aside, we will have time for romping in the hill country of Austin and maybe a night or two out on the town.

Looking back on the …