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February 23 Restore

Restorative Resources Online
On a weekly basis I receive these informative emails on various yoga topics.  Here is one  worth sharing on Restorative Yoga.  I've added the link below if you want to receive future newsletters (select About Health newsletter).  You may also be able to pull up this newsletter at the link below to read more.
Restorative Yoga You Can Do at HomeStarting a yoga home practice (a subject for another day), can be a daunting proposition. But starting a restorative yoga 
home practice is a different story. Fewer poses are held for a longer time, meaning that you only need to know how to do 
a few poses to make it work. Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to release stress and tension, things we'd all like to be rid of.Ann Pizer
Yoga Expert6 Classic Restorative Yoga Poses for Home Practice In restorative yoga, poses are held for longer periods (often ten minutes or more) with the support of props to allow for deep passive stretching. It's a…

February 16 Restore

Planting the Seeds of Healing and Wellbeing One Restorative Pose at a time
I have a funny story from my very first workshop with my teacher, Jillian Pransky.  I will share with you as you have now experienced her very relaxing cd, Relaxmore  I spent an amazing week with Jillian and 35 other beautiful souls about 7 years ago at the yoga retreat center, Kripalu.   So at the end of the week, we all shared our experiences from the week.  One participant said that he came to the workshop reluctantly and was somewhat coerced into coming by his wife.  But he had no regrets by week's end.  He shared that part of his home relaxation practice was to listen to a relaxation cd nightly.  The surprise to him was that the same cd that he had been listening to was Jillian's Relaxmore one.  He couldn't get over that the serene, peaceful, deeply relaxing voice on the cd was the same Brooklyn girl that he had been listening to all week.  
Here is video from Ani…

February 9 Restore Blog


Yoga Sutra 1.2 Yoga is the control (nirodhah, regulation, channeling, mastery, integration, coordination, stilling, quieting, setting aside) of the modifications (gross and subtle thought patterns) of the mind field.
yogash chitta vritti nirodhah (

Recently in class and in this blog, I have been sharing some of the Yoga Sutras.  I will continue on with Yoga Sutra 1.2, which represents almost  a daily reminder of my own mind field. 

Originally chitta is the unconscious storehouse or reservoir of all impressions, and the function or ability of the mind to store.  It is one of the four functions of the mind (manas (the senses), buddhi (inner wisdom or intellect) and ahamkara (ego or the ability of the mind to take on identities "mine""I")).  All four of these aspects of the mind work together but are stored in the chitta.  Memories, impressions, emotions, attractions, aversions, habits,…

February 2 Restore Blog

1.1 With humility (an open heart and mind) we embrace the sacred study of yoga.
The Yoga Sutras - Pulling it all together

During class this week, I shared with you the first sutra of the Yoga Sutras. This first sutra is a wonderful way to begin this month of opening our heart.  Many of you asked for the name of the book I read from, which I'll share with you below.  But first, I would like to give you more information on the Sutras and why they are so important to our yoga practice and to living life at our fullest.

The Sutras are a compilation of elements from older yogic texts (like the Vedas, the Upanishads, Buddha's teachings, and the Bhagavad Gita) which when put together have created a comprehensive system for life.  There are 196 nuggets of wisdom in the Sutras which are easy to read as they may only be a sentence or two long.  But to really grasp these wisdom bites, spend time contemplating each and every sutra and then putting them into practice.  Nischala's book sha…