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January 26 Restore Blog

Our recent Snowmaggedon has got me thinking about people's tempers and patience.  What I saw and what I heard were two different things.  Scenario: Pre-storm. Lots of grumblings about what Mother Nature was going to dump on us or how it was inconvenient to plans and fear of the unknown set in (fueled by the media hype).  Scenario: The day of and the day after.  Neighbors helping neighbors, people out and about in the neighborhood on foot, digging out the elderly, the injured and sick.  Those with plows coming to others rescues.  Those with 4WD driving workers to their jobs.  Communication and connection.  Scenario: Post-storm 2 days.  The grumbling begins again as the aches and pains of shoveling emerge, as the kids have an extra day off and a 2-hour delay on top of that.  Flashback two day: Connection, communication, community = Love.

Emotions are good to have but when suppressed or hidden can have catastrophic effects on our body and our mind.  My weekly inspiration from Ms. Mind…

January 19 Restore Series

Last week, I shared with you the beginning of my journey to becoming a Yoga Therapist.  I never really did explain what Yoga Therapy is.  I want to share with you an article that came out this week explaining the difference between a yoga class and yoga therapy under the auspices of a Gentle Yoga class with therapeutic benefits.  If you have any questions after reading the article, let me know.

The Breath
Breath to Free the Mind for Meditation and Open the Energy ChannelsThis is a similar breath to Alternate Nostril Breath but here we are using visualization to breath through one nostril and the other nostril.
Begin in a comfortable seated position and notice as you breathe in through both nostrils which nostril is clearer.  Then using concentrate on that clearer nostril to bring the air only in through that particular one. Exhale only through that nostril as well. Keep the air moving in and out o…

January 12 Restore

What to expect when you are trying hard not to expect anything!

In one day, it will be one full month since my return from the yoga therapy training with Inner Peace. I feel that it is now time to reflect on my experiences.  Grab a comfortable seat and maybe a cup of hot tea as I spout off about the beginning of my journey.

I went into this training with a lot of research time behind me.  Making big decisions usually takes me a very long time and constitutes many hours of researching the options.  It can, at times, be very  frustrating for myself but I like to feel that I weighed all of my choices.  After looking at all 23 programs in existence and writing my pros and cons list (a two year exploration), I decided on the very one that first resonated with me - the Inner Peace Yoga Therapy Program

The determining factors were: the timing of the training (two week segments) for the Level 1, and go at your own pace for the other levels and modules (within a …

January 5 Restore Series

Homeward Bound
I am here to tell you it feels so good to be back in the saddle again. To me, our class on Tuesday, felt like returning home.  I hope that you experienced the same thing whether this is your first restorative class or your 100th.  What we were coming back to was the reconnection with ourselves, our home.  When we are disconnected, dis-ease sets in, encompassing our bodies, minds and our spirit.

We tend to self-identify externally by stating, "We are this and we are that." Which then drives us to feeling separate from everything and everybody else. And even our modern communication technology like cell phones don't provide the true connection to ourselves.  We use it more and more to "connect" with others, separating ourselves from spending time to go inward. Try turning off your phone or placing it on vibrate for the next 10 to 15 minutes and contemplate the exercises below.  Don't fret if even the act of turning the phone off or on vibrate cau…