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September 29 Restore Series

I am clenching my what??  Jaw clenching, eyes straining, forehead furrowed. What are we to do?  Try these relaxation and strengthening techniques for the face.  They can be done any time of the day or right before savasana to deepen your relaxation. 
Work the muscles with facial yoga The age-old concept of yoga for the face has enjoyed newly fashionable status recently. Yoga teacher and coach Vernette Butler shares some simple facial exercises.

We spend hours working the muscles in the body to keep to be toned and  fit, yet rarely consider exercising the face.
If toning the muscles in the body keeps everything taught and lifted, why wouldn't we want to apply this concept to our face?
There are about 16 major muscles, 14 bones and assorted arteries, veins and blood vessels that help your face do the things it does. 
Muscles connect to both the skin and the bone, and form the 'cushion' on which the skin rests. If this cushion is flat or worn-out, the skin will not look its be…

September 22 Restore Series

Patience is not always my best virtue.  I have struggled with holding space for my life to unfold and sometimes wishing it would come faster aligning with my own agenda. I saw this in my previous life working in corporate where I felt that my life and career should take off from the get go.  I had a plan and indeed some things did go according to my plan, but others not so much.  I don't think I had much patience in my twenties or even early thirties.   I didn't have the wherewithal or the maturity then to pace myself, and instead of pushing the unfolding, to watch it.  

Fast forward to the past eighteen years of studying, practicing and teaching yoga, and I am whistling a different tune.  To be truthful, I do still get inpatient both with myself and others but it is very tampered down.  Something changed along the way from my early corporate career through to my yoga career and practice.  Some of it was maturity but I believe that my patience grew from very own yoga practice.�…

September 15th Restore Series

It was such a beautiful guided visualization in class this week about the body lying at the edge of the surf and then transported to the ocean waters.  I hope that each of you were able to relax into those moments and discover peace.

You may have noticed that Carmen and I check in with each of you during the beginning moments of each pose. We may ask if you are comfortable, do you need more support under or around you, do you need to change position.  We continue to observe how each of you are doing in each pose. Some things we may observe is the rising and falling of the breath, if there is any tension in the face or around the eyes, are shoulders, spine, head supported, is one side of the body higher than the other, is the body leaning to one side, we may see that the ribs are sticking out, or the limbs are out of alignment.

99 percent of our restorative poses are practiced in tadasana alignment where our joints, bones and even muscle groups are arranged in a straight line or appropr…

September 1st Restore Series

Bienvenidos to your place for healing, relaxation, and time for you.  It is so good to be back in the restorative frame of mind again.  


So many transitions are taking place right now.  An end to summer with shorter days, a beginning to a new school year for some, new jobs, new opportunities.  And nature is pretty smart about her own transition.  On my drive to a class this morning, I could see small changes in the colors of the leaves on the trees.  The leaves don't change color overnight but gradually all the while adapting to the changes in daylight, nutrients even the moon's cycle.  This is their transitioning time and their biology is set up perfectly for it.  Transitions in our human lives are also very important.  There are some obvious changes that have to occur overnight like returning to school, or a new job but maybe those transitions would have been made easier if someone was to wake a little earlier each day prior or eat a certain way.  We can use our ti…