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June 16 & 23 Restore Series

The Restore season is winding down. I can't believe that we have been going strong for 10 months now including the Retreat in December.  What no Restorative yoga for two months!!??  Wait, don't fear, we will have our summer retreat at Moyo.  Pencil in the date of Sunday, July 26th from 1:30-3:30 p.m.  The theme "cooling and simple"  The poses from the 16th included lots of these simple transitions and cooling poses.

The Poses
Childs Pose Variation
Props: bolster, one blocks, 2-3 blankets, neck roll for forehead Benefits: Gently stretches the lower back, relieves shoulder tension and quiets the mind.  Give a sense of security. Feeling support and release. Gently lengthens the legs. Extras:sandbag for sacrum
Place bolster on the mat lengthwise and lay a blanket over it. Make a smaller roll for the ankles and place at the other end of the mat. Also place a block at top end with a neck roll or eye pillow on top. Begin on all fours and lower  your upper body onto the bolster. S…

June 9 Restore Series

When was the last time that your mom or dad tucked you into bed?  Maybe you are the one doing the tucking these days.  With the busyness of life (work, errands, phone calls, commutes), we then feel uncontained, our energy spilling out and subsequently not having enough energy to keep up.  Our final pose in class this week cleverly used the technique of swaddling to comfortably contain our physical body which may have, in turn, sent a signal to our nervous system to slow down, reset.  The message sent was "We are safe, supported, now let go of constriction."  To read more about the Restorative Practice and the very realness of the process of letting go.  Click on the link below.

When Restorative Yoga Doesn’t Feel Relaxing…BYKAREN MACKLIN, SEQUENCE BY JILLIAN PRANSKY The Breath
Peace Breath
Steady flow of breath in and out at an even rate on the inhalation and exhalation while silently saying these affirmations (can crea…

June 2 Restore Series

My Issue with Doing
I am going to write a memoir someday with the above title. I am a 'Doer', less of a 'be'er' (I know a 'be'er is not a word).   I come from a long line of people who are always busy and always have a project to work on.  I used to think that made me a productive part of society.  I am also an aficionado of the To Do list and get all giddy when I mark something as completed.  I have even found in my files, ancient To Do lists, stored away like priceless gems.  Oddly none of those say Enjoy Life and Be Present.

The present revelation of my nature should not be a shock to me as others in my life see it.  But I have been so good at keeping busy that I didn't have the time to realize that it was impacting my relationships with others and myself.  I needed to practice stillness and fast (more doing).  One such practice to stillness is meditation.  I have been dawdling in meditation for many years now, trying various styles but none stuck wi…