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April 21 Restore Series

I am not even going to comment on this weather. Not going there, no way, no how.  Okay, just a short commentary. I am going through a process of rethinking about our current cool weather.  Maybe we are not "owed" a spring of warmer weather.   I am trying to get out of the prevalent mindset of disgust at Mother Nature.  Now this may not be the case for those that their income relies on a warmer spring. The farmer, the landscaper, the carpenter, etc. may all need a normal spring for their livelihood. I've planted my vegetable garden (at least the cold weather plants) but my income does not hinge on getting the produce to market.  

But like anything there are cycles, ups and downs, and roller coaster rides.  We make plans to weather out the turns and twists.  We strive to find balance in what is thrown our way.  Where can you find your balance as you grab your winter coat for a few more days.  Maybe a walk outside, bundled up, to appreciate how nature is coping with the cold…

April 13 Restore Series

My head feels like a ping pong game.  This is my vata being off balance.  My dosha is normally very spacious giving me room to be present and take inspiration from all around me. Not so much right now. My mind still creates but instead of inspiration, it causes me perspiration.  Did I say my Dosha was off?  Is a Dosha akin to my mojo?  I suppose so, in whatever language/belief you may have, something is off balance.  

I recently attended the first of 4 weekend trainings to be a Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist at Moon Dog Yoga in Quakertown.  I have been introduced to Ayurveda previously but this in depth look at the science of life, has my head reeling.  Overall, I believe I get it but connecting the dots especially when you throw in more than a few sanskrit words, isn't happening.  Then I pause, take a breath, allow a moment of stillness to reside in me, and give myself a break.  Easy peeze, right?  

Dinahcharya - not Dinah Shore

I've begun to add a few more Ayurvedic routines into my…

April 7 Restore Series

And the beat goes I am post-cleanse.  I wish I could say that it was the miraculous transformation that so many have witnessed in their own cleanses.  Indeed, there were micro-changes.  I spent a lot of the time observing my physical reaction to limiting sugars, caffeine, processed foods and most proteins as well as my emotional and mental reactions.  Some of the physical observations were easy to spot, like less flatulence (we are all friends here, right?) while others not so much (lightness, energy).  What was apparent in my moods, were increased irritability by afternoon time, fixation on my cravings and beginning each day on a very positive note.

So would a cleanse be beneficial for you?  And which one? There are so many varieties of cleanses as there are diets.  My friend and colleague, Lisa Scarborough, is creating a program for wellness which will include a cleanse according to the Ayurvedic dosha system.  Read more on the Ayurvedic system from our friends at MindBod…