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March 24 Restore Series

In our class this week, we discussed the use of touch in healing. Carmen has written a wonderful introduction to another modality used in healing that uses the power of energy.  Enjoy!

What is Reiki?

By Guest Blogger, Carmen Molina

Many people have asked this question.  Is it something
mystical, foreign, mysterious, spiritual, is it a religion?

Reiki is a Japanese healing method that was created by Dr. Mikao Usui in
or around 1914.

Reiki is a healing method that is used for just about anything.  You could
use it on people, food, plants, animals, projects, organizations,
situations, relationships, and the list goes on.

Reiki is a healing practice whereby energy is channeled through a
Certified Reiki Practitioner.

A Reiki Practitioner receives extensive training and receives a series of
attunements in order to be able to do Reiki treatments effectively.

It is transmitted from universal energy (Life Force) through the Reiki
Practitioner's hands onto the receiving person or thing.

The Reiki Practitio…

March 17 Restore Series

The First Day of Spring my friends and if you look outside, a snowy one at that.  Oddly enough, I do not feel cheated. It is what it is and I embrace it with openness.  A theme of receiving weaved its way into my life this week and maybe some of my classes including our Restore series.  We practiced with receiving the breath instead of taking a breath.  How did that change the feeling in your body and mind to receive the breath. What sensations did you receive while practicing?  For me, receiving whatever comes my way, has been a shift in my attitude.   Some potential problems surfaced this week but I did not feel them as a problem only an opportunity.  I believe it was in the way I received.

I shared an affirmation with each of you at the end of class which I'll include in this blog. Post it to your mirror or in your car. Anywhere you would receive the message the most.

My heart is open to giving and receiving I lovingly accept myself the way I am I am worthy of love I live in balance…

March 10 Restore Series

Do you feel lighter this week?  I certainly do, without the layers upon layers over us and around us (think clothes and snow).  The longer days are certainly an added bonus.  Now to get to all of those winter projects I thought I would have time for.

Our practice this week was a perfect complement to the changing season. Try these out at home to ease into Spring.  Another way to transition is to journal.  Perhaps jotting down those ideas that you had created during the winter months first and then in the next few weeks, delving a little deeper into what you focus on and what you let pass you by.  Try the exercise below to aid you in your springtime renewal.

Please answer the following questions.
Then rate each question on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being completely true and 1 being completely false. 1.)  Do you know that you are the most powerful resource that you have?
2.)  Do you know that you are really capable of living your life closer to achieving more of what you want than what you don…

March 3 Restore Series

Could it be March already?  I think the calendar is lying as 10 inches of snow surrounds our environs and cuddles the earth in its warm snow blanket.    Our restorative practice this week included many comforting, anchoring poses.  Winter is the season to ground ourselves and return to protection so we can go inward and build up reserves for spring.  I think this picture of my youngest is a little too grounded but they had fun.

If you are nestled at home today enjoying the snow from inside, find some firm blankets and cushions or pillows and try these poses at home.  The more blankets the merrier.  And as an extra bonus, if you spent some time shoveling, it will help rest your back.

Bo Forbes, clinical psychologist, yoga teacher and integrative yoga therapist, shares in her newsletter, a reason to celebrate March 4th (Forth)  Inspiration as we transition to spring.

Happy Exelauno Day!
Today is March 4th, also known as Exelauno Day in modern culture (ok, a tiny port…