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February 24 Restore Series

Whee feel the exhilaration!
This week's blog is the traveling kind.  I am still reliving my recent trip to Pura Vida in Costa Rica. You may or may not be readying yourself for a late winter/early spring vacation but these tips are useful anytime of the year that you are traveling.  The first is a yoga sequence that I created for the airplane.  Try these at home in your own simulated airplane seat (you know the one where your thighs touch your neighbors and there is no leg room to speak of).   Secondly, I will present some tips from our yoga wizards at Yoga Journal for what to do enroute and when you get to your destination to arrive and stay balanced.  Enjoy and if you are taking off on your very own journey, don't forget your journal.

Airplane Sequence
(try a massage for the feet and back with a tennis ball) 

Seated *Breath 3-part* Sit up tall and align ankles under knees, hip distance apart. Breath deeply in to the belly filling up, exhale and empty out. Next breath into belly then…

February 17 Restore Series

Closing my eyes I transport myself to the warm greens of Costa Rica, the morning sounds of macaws, parakeets and one crazy rooster, and the ultimate sunrise which unfolded before the world everyday.  I am so grateful for this trip and all that presented itself.

One thing that presented itself was my impatience. As any vacation/retreat goes there is a transition to be made.  Without even realizing it, I was masking impatience for my transition to be over and to feel completely relaxed and in "vacation mode".  I think part of the transition was my stomach converting over to insanely good organic, fresh food.   The other transitional phase involved my mood.  I was still keenly aware of myself trying to fit in with the group dynamics rather than just being myself.  Patience was not present.  I kept thinking "When will the transformation begin?".

It did happen but it wasn't forced or planned.  Maureen casually asked me if I wanted to try out a Sound Healing session w…

February 3 Restore

Our household has grown to two cats.  Oreo and Maxine have not been the best of friends since Oreo's arrival 3 weeks ago but we feel that even these 5 minutes of peaceful coexistence is enough.  Enough to actually feel that it will work out okay for all parties.

Something else that doesn't come easy is practicing compassion for ourselves.  We are hard on ourselves and less forgiving for our transgressions. I think that if we are ultimately loving toward ourselves, we can be genuinely loving toward others with a completely open heart.  

What if you set your intention for the day with some of the Metta Meditations below?  Try these out, and possibly journal about how your day went, what was your relationship with yourself, others?  Write a meditation on a stick note and place it on your mirror for an extra reminder to be kind to yourself.  Love Ya!

This won't come easy to practice love and kindness to others and to self, but the key word is Practice.  First thing in the mornin…