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January 20 Restore Series

I have this crazy feeling of claustrophobia in my walk-in closet at home.  It matters not if I am alone or there is someone else in there with me, I still can feel it.  My forays into the closet have to happen quickly or a tightness begins around my throat.   

Surprisingly, when I think of a wide open space as in the mid-west prairies, I also get a claustrophobic and tightening feeling.  I need to have an ocean at least 2-3 hours away.  So how is this related to restorative yoga?

I have discovered through my own restorative practice and via the feedback from students and teachers that restorative yoga can also hold its own surprises.  A completely supported and what may seem a comfortable pose can cause the most excruciating sensations somewhere in the body. Conversely you may be in a pose that is not aligned and be relaxed.  Everyone is different. Their bodies and minds are different.  This is why the practice needs to fit each person where they are.

For the beginner restorative student…

January 12 Restore

Inspiration, what a beautiful word. Inspiration as defined by a medical dictionary, the drawing of air into the lungs.  As defined by Merriams, something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires someone
: a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something : a good idea ...a force or influence that inspires someone.  Could this be the prana energy or chi that the breath embodies?

I feel that the drawing of air into the lungs does inspire me, my ideas, my creativity.  The act fuels my desire to create.  Just like the cycle of breath, inhalation to exhalation back to inhalation, there is a cycle of breath to creation.  An idea, a glimmer takes hold, then it grows in embodiment and quite possibly the idea passes from the inception to fruition which may spurn on more ideas. So when I focus on the breath flowing in and out, I can make the space for my ideas to cycle in…

January 6 Restore

It is beautiful how much life is filled with moments where we decide to act and then realize how those actions affect others.  This morning, I was on my way back home, when I spied a bird floundering in the road.  I kept driving but right away I knew that when I got home, I would turn around and return to see if the bird was still in the road.  I found a box at home to put the bird in and returned to the place on the road. That decision happened in a millisecond.   But the affects of my decision could potentially last a lifetime. I got out of my own head and went to someone else's aid and I stretched my heart a little more open to encompass all creatures big and small.  I am not looking for kudos or "Atta boys" in my testimony but I've come to realize that even the smallest gesture of kindness, compassion can alter a life (good or bad).   I hope I made that difference to this little bird as it took its last dying breaths.  As it lay warm in my bathroom, I spoke to it…