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November 18 Restore Series

Brrr...Baby it's cold out there.  Deceivingly cold. From my warm house, I see sunshine, plenty of it.  So I go for a walk, round a corner in the neighborhood and wham the wind hits me.  Now I am warm again and grateful.  Grateful for the warmth of my home but also grateful for my brisk walk outside.  I appreciated soaking in nature with all of its mighty thrust.  What can you do to stay active this winter, while still honoring the season, where hunkering down is natural and necessary.

Here are several practices to illuminate your winter. Compliments of several yoga teachers from Kripalu.

Visualizing the Light Within (Todd Norian)
(Meditation to build heat)
Visualize a candle flame in each of your chakras, starting at the base of your spine, and moving to the sacral region, navel, heart, throat, forehead, and crown of the head. Then visualize the candles glowing in both palms and on the soles of both feet. Now imagine all the flames simultaneously aglow.

Warming Breathwork (Erin Caspers…

November 11 Restore Series

Driving in my car....

I am loving the opportunity to learn more about myself right now. I don't always feel this way as I have become habitual in my ways or as we describe those of us in the older crowd, "Set in our ways".  When we become set, we don't always know how set we have become and in what ways.  

Well, I am discovering these things as I take my 16 year old out on her lessons in driving.  She passed her learner's permit recently and we have made a few forays into this new experience.  Besides the natural inclination to push down into an imaginary brake pedal on the passenger side of the car, I think I am doing things right with my daughter. I didn't come into this zen place with her easily and I am not sure I will always be calm  throughout this training period.  I think my place with her right now has to do with my gratefulness that I get to spend time with her one on one.  We follow the typical mom/teenager life at home where she can escape to her ro…

November 4 Restore Series

Yes it is the month of Gratitude according to the Hallmark cards and online reminders but we all know that Gratitude has no season.  It is everyday that we are alive.  Keeping this in mind, may put our troubles in perspective, our hearts to open a bit more and be more at ease.  Sharing the love people.

Gratitude Meditation with Breath
Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and, for a few moments, focus on the gentle movement of your breath. Then begin pausing briefly after each inhalation and exhalation.
As you inhale, visualize receiving the elements of your life - experiences, people who have touched you, things you are capable of - with gratitude. Pause after each reflection and take a moment to integrate and appreciate feeling fulfilled by these gifts.
As you exhale, imagine sharing that sense of fulfillment with others. Pause again and imagine others - your family, community, the world at large - receiving your offering with a similar sense of gratitude.
Continue this cycle - inhale/pause, e…