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October 28 Restore Series

Happy Hallow Eve all.  Today and tonight all sorts of creatures, big and small will roam our neighborhoods.  Are you ready?  There is a somewhat contained feeling of excitement here in my household. Ghosts and goblins hardly slept at all and I know that I woke up feeling like I went through the Tales of the Crypt episodes.  All of our family and community traditions got me thinking about the origins of Halloween.  While I was researching these origins, I came across a lot of variations which helped me find my own connection to the holiday.  This is just one of the histories to share.  Perhaps weave your own traditions into the history of Halloween and enjoy yet another opportunity to be in the moment.

The Breath
Pursed Lips Breathing
This is a great breath to control shortness of breath and can be done anywhere. Inhale through your nostrils for a count of 2 at the beginning, purse or pucker your lips, and exhale out of the purs…

October 21 Restore Series

Have you ever watched the Ted series of talks.  I've checked out some of the more "gone viral" ones like the woman who had the stroke and was experiencing it with her right side of the brain or Jillian Pransky's Tedx Talk on Metta Meditation (You Tube) but today I came across this talk on Gratitude.  Beautiful visuals to accompany the beautiful passages shared by the speaker, a child and a person of age.  Enjoy and maybe at the end of the talk, journal about what you are grateful for.

The Breaths
Hugs with Breath
In either Tadasana and Sukhasana (Seated post), on your inhale swing arms up overhead and on the exhale bring them into your body with a hug, then swing arms on the inhale out to the sides and bring in with a hug on exhale, two times.  Lastly, inhale and bring arms down by your side and exhale hug in. Repeat if necessary to open the chest, shoulders and feel the connection between breath and movement.  Repeat as needed for self-love.

Inhaling and Celebrating the…

October 14 Restore Series

Get out those pens my friends.  I have been a scribbling monkey lately as I deal with a loss in my life.  It has been very helpful to put it all down on paper. The murkiness of my thoughts and feelings become clearer as I journal as I surely move on with my journey.  Earlier this week, I received the monthly email/newsletter from Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., a leading researcher into Trauma.  The timing was perfect. The topic of the email was Healing Trauma Through Writing. 

Embrace the writer's cramp all!

Why You Should Write  A Letter To Yourself Tonight


is one of  the most effective ways  to access an inner world of feelings that is the key to recovering from genuine trauma and everyday stress alike.

October 7 Restore Series

My yoga teachings this week have followed last week's posting of grounding through the Vata season of Fall.  The rooting through the feet, the longer exhalations, and engaging our mula bandha from the navel area. I hope that each of you have been able to practice this in some unique places and times.  One of my unique practice times was last weekend while we were apple picking.  Situated in the beautiful hills of Boyertown is a wonderful orchard, Frecon Farms ( The sun was out, the wind was blowing, picture a gorgeous Fall day with just the right amount of chill.  Now notice my daughter in purple.  

So not into being there.  I wanted to fly off the handle with some of her attitude, spin with the wind so to speak but as a few apples fell off the tree near us, I was reminded of the ground underneath my feet.  Firmly planting my feet in the earth, I took some deeper breaths. lengthening my breath out and felt my core.  But I wasn't rigid which would hav…