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Sept. 23 Restore Series

As I opened my eyes this morning, I noticed that my right side of my cheek was feeling a little wet.  Yes it rained in my room.  I really must have been zonked out throughout the night not to notice that the  rain was coming in my window.   But this rain is a welcome relief as my lawn, my flowers, the last remains of my vegetable garden, do not want to give up their hold on summer.

This past Monday marked the end of the summer and Tuesday, the beginning of fall.  In yoga, we may practice the Autumnal Equinox, the passing between the two seasons, by moving through 108 Sun Salutations.  Transitioning and transforming as we move and breathe.  What other ways can you transition from one season to the next?  Below is an excellent article from Colorado State University which discusses what is change (situational) and what is transition (psychological) and how we move through these like the seasons.  Good read with some very handy tips.

The InspirationTransitions and Changes: Practical Strate…

Sept. 16 Restore Series

Sha Na Na and Sa Ta Na Ma - what do they have in common.  Nothing but lots of "ah" sounding vibrations.  This is one of my favorite "go to" meditations when I feel scatterbrained, unfocused.  It can take awhile as each repetition is 2 to 5 minutes long for a total of 12 to 20 minutes but I have shortened it to 1 minute each for an express meditation.  Get comfortable in a seated position with support.  

And just so you know any word or vibrational sound can be a mantra meditation as long as you repeat it.  Does the sound keep you focused, mindful, present, bring peace and stillness?  If so, work it, use it.  Hey maybe even Sha Na Na could be your mantra.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation (source:
Sa Ta Na Ma is considered the most fundamental mantra in Kundalini Yoga.  You will notice that the very greeting in Kundalini Yoga “Sat Nam” contains the Sa Ta Na Ma components.  Sat Nam is a seed mantra an…

Sept. 9 Restore Series

Welcome back you, welcome back me.  What a summer it was!  A big bang with a memory making trip to Paris with the girls and then a very large reunion with my family at Disneyworld.  It started off with great fanfare and then smoothed out to a nice rhythm.  Now with the Fall season descending upon us, we are greeted to a whole new rhythm, new routine.  The first few weeks may seem ungrounding, stressful, and even slightly unhealthy.  That is until we gain that new rhythm.  I hope that the article below can be of assistance in finding your own rhythm, your own perspective in this season

Explore these rituals and the need for self-nourishment.  Feed your roots, so they grow deeper in the winter months and can flourish in the spring and bring forth fruit in the summer.  5 Rituals to Celebrate Balance and Invite Renewal At Autumn Equinox
The Breath

Alternate No…