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June 10 & June 17 Restore Series

I am playing catch-up on the blog today as I combine our June 10th & June 17th classes in this blog.  Now you will have a full slate of poses, breath and inspiration.  Enjoy!  And as we wind down our Restore series until our return in September, I invite you to visit the blog for some summertime downtime.

My mentor, Jillian Pransky, has been a busy bee lately with the release of her DVD (previously shared), a TEDTalk on Metta Compassion (, an on-line yoga video with Prevention Magazine and now an article, again with Prevention Magazine, on Yoga and Weight Loss.  Read this article below as it relates to our restorative yoga practice and weight loss. Surprising results from several researchers are in store.

The Surprising Way Gentle Yoga Can Help You Lose Serious Weight How could a few minutes of deep breathing and gentle moves help anyone drop pounds? Here's exactly how. Hillari Dowdle  Photograph by Matthew Williams
Jillian Pransk…

June 3 Restore Series

I was run over by a steamroller Tuesday night and the thing kept on rolling over me until I emerged from my steamroller massage, early this morning.  I don't think I have ever slept 24 hours before.  A new record for even me who loves sleep.  I am completely befuddled why I got sick as my immune system I thought was top notch, no big stresses in my life, eating real healthy and getting plenty of sleep.  Well I do know that the sleep helped and I bet a few restoratives will put me back in some type of equilibrium boosting my immune system as well.

Enjoy the restorative and immunity-boosting poses and an Extended Exhalation here and there. (YogaJournal  Please do not attempt Headstand, Shoulderstand or Plow if they are not already in your practice.  For a Supported Shoulderstand, place a block under your hips and raise the legs up in the air to drain (can come into this from Supported Bridge pose).

Immunity BoostTo prime your body for winter …