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May 27 Restore Series

This may be TMI or Too Much Information, but I have been a hot sweaty mess this late Spring.  News Flash, I am having Hot Flashes.  And besides the sub-zero temperatures that I crave, I need some more support for these waves of heat.  Announcing the Cooling Breaths of Sitali (or Sheetali) and Seetkari. (see website for more informaiton,  Give it a go this summer whenever you feel the need.  In addition, I am going to buy one of those touristy hat fans.  

Sheetali and Seetkari – Pranayama to Control Stress and Blood Pressure  In the last few posts on pranayama, I introduced the concepts of breath retention (kumbhaka) and the energy locks (bandhas). Essentially, these techniques can be used in conjunction with any of the pranayama techniques that I have talked about in previous posts. I will be covering some of these variations in future blog posts. In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to two breathing techniqu…

May 20 Restore Series

Picture this...the way a driveway glistens after a rainfall, the somewhat random mowing pattern of my neighbor, which created a mosaic on his lawn, or how each bird call outside my window is not so random and done with intention.  I have been noticing the little things in my life this week and each of these discoveries leaves me with a fresh revitalizing feeling.  Sort of that "Ahaa" moment that one may get when they learn something new and it resonates with them.  The only connection between these examples is that my perception both outward and inward has been awakened.

I am glad for this awakening, as it brings me more to the present.  This spring, I have been suffering from the "OMG, is it really the end of May already - Memorial Day!!".  I have felt lost in the warp speed of the days passing.  And I have physically lost a few items, a watch, my glasses and a substantial check.  Not a coincidence!  I am speeding through my days in pace with how fast the days are …

May 13 Restore Series

The video blog...
Sit yourself in front of your computer, iPad, phone or even your television for the next few videos.  The first one is Jillian Pransky's short video for Prevention Magazine - Easy Yoga for Weight Loss.  Then there are two more videos on the Cleansing Breath from YouTube.  Sending light and love your way.  Now where is my popcorn and JuJu Fruits?

The Breath
Cleansing Breath
There are several techniques for the cleansing breath presented online.  Some suggest doing this breath to center yourself as you begin your practice, while others suggest that it is best prior to savasana.  Here are two takes on this breath.  Try both and see which supports you in your practice and life.  Please be aware that if you get dizzy or out of breath, return to your normal breath and rest.  As in any practice, both pranayamic and movement-related, be mindful of your state of being.



The Poses
Wide Angle Forward Fold with Chair
Props: chair, 2 blankets Benefits: releases the pelvis which ca…

May 6 Restore Series

Just when I think Spring has arrived, a wave of non-springlike weather arrives,  followed on its heels by a wave of summer/spring weather.  Do I mow, do I not mow, do I mulch, do I not mulch, do I plant those newborn vegetables, etc.?  Such decisions....  Really, it is not so bad and I go with the flow.  My intention lately has been to go with whatever presents itself.  I still plan and create the conditions for movement on a pathway but if a big boulder gets set down on my pathway, I strive to stop, consider how to carve a new pathway around the boulder or even climb up the boulder to reach new heights.

When we begin our class, we may set an intention for our practice, when we wake, we may set an intention for our day.   These intentions may be broad sweeping or specific to one goal.  The following article gives wonderful suggestions for setting a broader, more positive intention or Sankalpa.  Take out your journals after reading it, and maybe go through some of the exercises listed b…