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April 15 Restore Series

This week's class was brought to you by the Letter J and the Letter P - that is Jillian Pransky.  The inspiration for the poses and the guidance was Jillian Pranksy's new Yoga DVD, Calm Body Clear Mind.  I am adding the link to her website for ordering information and to experience a free restorative Goddess pose.

I've been a witness to so many struggles this week and to so many triumphs.  Each of these people or groups of people have experienced the lows and highs, sometimes simultaneously. How could that be?  Sadness and joy from the family of one of my yoga students who passed away last night, frustration and then space and healing from my boyfriend who is having elder care issues, and even the unsure scariness of a bomb threat at my daughter's school, followed by their school community coming together to sing the National Anthem at the Phillies game.  

The Inspiration
Ms. Mind/Body speaks to Surrender in her recent blog. See …

April 1 Restore Series

I have been a juicing and smoothie mama lately.  A few months ago, I bought a refurbished Vitamixer from my friend Inna*.  Perfect condition!  It only has been loved before by someone else.  My daily kale and a myriad of other fruits and veggies intake has been astounding to me.  I slip a little shredded coconut in to bring an island flare to one smoothie and some chia seeds into another so I can eventually resemble a Chia pet.  And this is our secret, but my daughters are unaware of all the yummy nutrients that I am throwing in.  I think we have all felt the heavier, richer foods of winter and now want to move them out.  These foods were perfect for sustaining us through this long, cold season.  In Spring,  we move on and out.

What better way to do so then to add a cleanse to your spring routine. This is a perfect time to begin such a cleansing out for the digestive system.  I've included an article from Lisa Scarborough, Moyo's Ayurvedic Consultant.

The Cleanse Lens The new b…