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March 25 Restore Series

Life is full of ups and downs like the weather, like the sun and the moon.  We have darkness and we have lightness.  The constant line in life is that there are ups and downs and we ride the curves finding a little peace, a little stillness, and a little balance.  These are our moments of bliss.   So it may be a matter of your weight fluctuating, your moods shifting, your income rising and falling, so many facets of life rise and fall.  How do you ride these waves, these curves?  Can you stay steady on your surfboard when the waves crest as well as drop?

Take out those journals and whether it be documenting your daily food intake, your moods, the way your physical body feels, your interrelationships, inspiration, or devotions...

Write Daily and Often

Journaling allows people to clarify their thoughts and feelings, thereby, gaining valuable self-knowledge.  It's also a good problem solving tool.  Journaling about traumatic events helps you process them by fully exploring and releasing…

March 18 Restore Series

Spring Musings