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Feb. 24 Restore Series

This lovely girl joined our family last weekend as our latest foster pup.  We have been enjoying all things puppy like pulling shoes from her mouth, teaching her that hands are not food, and praising every end result from our daily walks (okay folks I am speaking of elimination!).  The folks at Home at Last Dog Rescue are really doing a great thing for these guys and girls.  Our time together may be short though but very very sweet.

The Breath
Alternate Nostril Breath (Nadi Shodhana)
This breath invites the calm in, balancing both sides of our nasal passages and our brain.  We tend to breath predominately with either the left or right nasal passage and we become unbalanced.  A few minutes at the start of a class or practice, can merge the two hemispheres of the brain and allow you to become more receptive.
Breathing through the right or left nostrils gives different effects. Right Nostril increases heart rate, increases verbal performance, stimulates left b…

Feb. 18 Restore Series

Habituation - an organism is taught to ignore irrelevant stimulus (This article from the New Yorker, Dec. 23 & 30, 2013, The Intelligent Plant, got me thinking). 

The longer days have brought to light the many ways my life is habitual.  The Ugly (in my opinion) - I wake up, I crave coffee (yes, even over yoga).  I notice my habitual way of dealing with our rushing to the school bus (totally non-productive).  And at the end of the day, my utter lack of mindfulness when preparing for bed.  The Good (again opinion) - ignoring the calling of coffee and opting for even a few light stretches and breath work to rise out of bed.  On the weekends, tuning into XPN's Sleepy Hollow (my sanctuary), and the nightly ritual of reading to my daughter.

Some of these things serve me and others do not.  A still and mindful practice, whether it be restorative, walking, cooking, you pick the activity or non-activity, may bring to light those healthy and harmful habits.  Once those are recognized, you…

Feb. 11 Restore Series

Paths to Self Love
Well there aren't too many paths, walkways, streets, open right now as we are in the midst of  La Paix - The Storm of the Century.  Some paths are well marked while others not so much.  And other paths to our inner self have become obscured, covered.  Take an approach to self love this Valentine's and reconnect with yourself.  A tool like the Wellness Wheel may help pinpoint which path you may need to go down next.

*For more articles on wellness from Philadelphia Integrative Medicine, see their website . There is also an upcoming workshop on self love at Moyo Yoga on March 8th.

What Does Self-Love Look Like? Guest blog by Erin Murphy, Administrative Medical Assistant, Philadelphia Integrative Medicine When it comes to wellness, there is a tool called the “Wellness Wheel” to help you assess your level of satisfaction in the different domains of your life.  Some wellness wheels are simple and others are more complex, but they typically …

Feb. 4 Restore Series

I tasted an icicle hanging from its branch today and it was so yummy.  What a treat to myself after clearing the heavy slush from our driveway, my neighbors car and our sidewalks.  Now I have packed it in for the night and hope to treat myself to a supportive restorative yoga pose.  Now, which one do I pick?  They are all so delicious.  I am thinking a revolved twist and a supported straddle forward fold would do the trick.  All good for the low back and to relieve inflammation after overworking those areas earlier on.  Check out these poses and others along the side and try them out tonight.

The Breath
10 Breaths- The Centering Breath

10 beautiful breaths brings you to the present, the here and now.  A great way to transition in a yoga class, or anytime in your life where a little space is needed before moving onto the next thing. 10 long inhalations, 10 long exhalations.  Feel your body expand with the breath in and feel it release and become centered.

The Poses
Supported Bridge Pose