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January 28 Restore Series

Yet another morning with a covering of snow on the ground.  It has become so routine to see white, feel cold, take in the rawness to this unprecedented winter.  Is this my winter of my discontent? Nope, sorry, I have not joined the naysayers of winter. Yes, I have had to drive in the icy, wet stuff.  Yes, I've had to clear the car, the driveway, the sidewalks. Yes, I feel mummified in my layers which take what seems like hours to put on and take off.  I've been lucky that these are the only hardships that I've had to go through. But, it still is a wonder for me to witness the boldness of Mother Nature.

So what is the purpose of these winter months?  A friend recently sent me an insightful article entitled, "Awakening Your Impulse to Germinate" by Lynn Jericho in the Lilipoh Magazine (Winter 2014).  In the article, the author states that if we can peel ourselves away from the influences of our season-less technology, we can realize how useful the season are to our…

Request for Feedback

See Jillian Pransky's note from Facebook.  If any of my students or someone following this blog would like to add their two cents, please add a comment below or email me.  Namaste - Diane

Namaste Friends... I've am being interviewed by Prevention Magazine and have been asked to create two practices for them as well. But the real thing they are interested in - is the latest research with weight loss being linked to the more gentle practices including restorative.

I know that I myself am about 10 pounds lighter not doing an
over-effort-ing practice. They would like some testimonials from women / me who have lost weight or regulated their weight well whendoing a gentle practice/ restorative practice.

Or a testimonial from someone new to yoga, and began with a gentle/restorative practice, and lost weight.

Comments? Testimonials? Do you have students with a 'testimonial'.

Can you share...

January 14 Restore Series

Rusty's New Beginnings - A Heart Widening Story
It begins with big brown eyes filled with experiences untold, maybe some sad, maybe some joyful.  It doesn't matter to a dog even one without a home.  Gratitude shows in the wagging of his tail, the ears perking up, a head resting on your lap, and the shyest hint of a smile.  I look at our foster dog, Rusty, with incredulous wonder.  He is a rescue from the fate of who knows what and he just loves with all his heart.  I sense that he was beaten at a point as he reflexively cowers if a hand approaches his head from above but boy can he love.  This experience is a lesson in how infinite the heart is.  No matter how much pain may fill our hearts, there is always room for love and the gratitude that goes with it.  If you want to feel the effects of your heart widening, take a glance at all of the adoptable dogs from  Inspiration from our four-legged friends.  

The Inspiration 
Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation (source: htt…

January 7 Restore Series

Welcome to the New Year  2014.  I have always loved an even-numbered  year, embraced the 2's, the 4's, the 6's and so on of the various decades of my life.  But I didn't have the time of day for the uneven-numbered years.  It is just that I love things that are even keel; numbers, family, work, money, life.  But what yoga has taught me is to embrace, the uneven, the slightly off balance.  We may call it the dark and the light and what lies in between - the true self.  I know through age and wisdom now that I need both - to be rocked off my horse and the mundane.  Here's to what rocks your world in this new year - Salut!

Setting your Sankalpa (Intention)

Resolve to Evolve
Give your New Year's resolutions a yogic twist—set an intention and infuse the new year with positive change. By Catherine Guthrie A new year's resolution is a noteworthy concept—start off the year with a change for the better. So how did it devolve into a subconscious exercise in sel…