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November 19 Restore Series

So yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to take a yoga class at the Perelman Center at Penn.  This class was taught by a very knowledgeable and loving instructor, Tali.  She mindfully guided her students in the simplest of poses with attention to using all of their muscles, breath, core and alignment.  And I was knocked off my feet.  Tadasana (Mountain Pose) can be very intense when you really utilize what you have within you.  I felt her hand at the back of my thigh, reminding me to press into her fingers.  My muscles were screaming, my breath shortened. Her guidance brought me back and I pressed, I breathed.  

This was not a Power Yoga class.  This was Yoga for Cancer at the Abramson Cancer Center.  We worked every muscle in our bodies in that class.  Savasana never felt so good or so deserved.  There was definite struggle in my practice that day and I could see it in the reactions of the other students in the class.  But over and over again, Tali brought us back to our strengt…

November 12 Restore Series

I throw my hands up in the air, look up to the sky and ask "Why me?".  Why is this stuff happening to me?  A boatload of problems this week, everyday a new one surfaces.  The onslaught feels like pelting rain.  It has been my experience that problems arise in threes.  The dryer goes, the water doesn't run, the  lawnmower goes kaput.  Well this week proved me wrong.  Problems now arise in multiples of three.

So before you send me a pity party card, I want to come clean with the truth of the matter.  I haven't felt any of the above lamentations this week and yes, it has been a troublesome week but a wise lady once said, "Life is happening for you not to you" (Ms.  Once I processed each of these irksome situations, I gave each some space for thoughtful resolution.  I did allow a short time to let the situation to sink its talons into me and then I breathed.  I now have the space to face each head-on.

Trust that it will all work out, trust in the u…

November 5 Restore Series

It is the end of the week now.  I am about to jump into my jammies and watch a movie cuddled up in a blanket.  My fingers are cold as well as my toes so the extra warmth will be appreciated.  This leads me to my new exercise program of walking.  It is not really new, I love to walk but haven't been doing much of it.  I need to complement my yoga practice with more cardiovascular exercise.  I think that is why my fingers and toes are so cold.  One of my students loaned me a DVD for walking - Leslie Sansone.  I never thought I would be a purveyor of an exercise DVD but she truly leads a fun "real" class and the one I did is over in 30 fast minutes.  I've only done it twice thus far but feel that it will be very beneficial for my circulation.  Check her out for a fun walkabout.

The Breath
Alternate Nostril Breath (Nadi Shodhana)

This breath invites the calm in, balancing both sides of our nasal passages and our brain.  We tend to breath predominate…

Oct. 29 Restore Series

It is hip to be square.  Last night I was sitting on the porch handing out candy when the nerdiest couple of kids came up requesting said candy.  I was looking at their costume of rolled up pants, checkered shirt, suspenders and big black glasses, and I'm thinking they look pretty hip to me.  Segue to our practice this week on bringing the focus to our hips by opening them up to ground ourselves in this whirlwind of a season.  It is Vata season. See the below video by Banyan Botanicals for some helpful advice to keep you in balance both off and on your mat.

Vata Pacifying YogaVata dosha is characterized by the qualities cold, mobility, lightness and expansiveness. If you have a vata constitution, or imbalance, this video demonstrates how you can customize your yoga practice to encourage the opposite qualities that naturally bring vata back into balance. By adding the qualities of warmth, stability, grounding and focus to your practice, you can reestablish your natural state of hea…