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Oct. 15 Restore Series

So I felt a bit sick this past weekend.  It began innocently enough with a few sneezes that I instantly blamed on the hay that I sat on throughout a music festival.  But alas, the next day it was a full blown cold.  I dealt with it, giving it all kinds of immune boosting support.  It dawned on me though that my malady may have to do with all of the "stuff" that I hold onto. The day before the hay sitting festival, I was able to let go of my need to control it all, relax into the unknowing, and take a more joyful view of what was laying ahead of me.  And then I got sick.  

A small similar thing happened a few years post-divorce, with being diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had worked through the death of a marriage, was in a good relationship, great job as a yoga teacher, loving family, and wham!  For me, I really think that there is a strong relationship between mind and body.  It may have to do with the trauma or stress that works it way out slowly from the depths of my body …

Oct. 8 Restore Series

I am so thankful for yoga and for teaching yoga.  It is my saving grace right now as I  juggle many balls in the air right now.  But I always come back to yoga as my grounding force.  There is just one more very important grounding force in my life - LOVE.

Where is your ground, your center?  What brings you there?  When you conjure up the vision of your grounding force, do you feel a shift in your being?

(Try this centering practice from Yoga Journal and Rolf Gates any time you need it. Try it for 3-5 minutes.)

Take a very deep breath in
and a very slow breath out.

Sit up very straight. Notice that as your spine lengthens, your heart opens.
Now breathe into the space of an open-heart
feel into the space of an open heart.

A heart that is empty, a heart that holds the whole world.

Breathe into a heart that can hold the whole world.

Feel into a heart that can hold the whole world.

Breathe into the sweetness of this moment.

Feel into the sweetness of this moment.

Allow yourself to be whole-heartedly a…

Oct. 1 Restore Series

We enjoyed such a yummy practice on Tuesday.  Led by the muy bonita Carmen, we traveled to the pyramids, soaked in this warming loving color and left floating on a cloud.  I hope the Relaxation Response stayed with each of your throughout the rest of the day and into the next.

The Palming
The eyes have it and sometimes too much!  Overstimulation from computers, iPads, phones, Kindles, all kinds of electronic devices can occur and then our brain does not shut off, our emotions go haywire and our bodies suffer along with the rest of us.  We spent part of our forward fold with our hands cupped over our eyes, blanking out any light from coming in.  How did that feel?  What was the immediate effect on your mind, your breath and your body?  How was it to transition back to the light in the room?  Closing the eyes into darkness can stimulate an area in our brain called the amygdala where emotions can get going.  It can help with memory. Just remember to lightly cup the hands over the eyes with…