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Oct. 24 Restore Series

I am a list person.  I love "To Do" lists and checking off all that I have done.  Sometimes I have so many lists around that I must date them.  Here is one more list worth keeping, 10 Ways to Save Your Day by Kate Hanley, Body + Soul Magazine.  Check out a few of her wise and helpful solutions to staying calm in the face of stress, anxiety and everyday disasters at the link below.


1. Problem: In Your Face People - Aggressiveness
Solution: In seated or standing, firmly plant your feet on the ground and lift your neck long and back slightly. Chin stays lifted and hands can be at your side or clasped behind your back. Your strength will shine through and confidence may build.  Don't forget to take full breaths.

2. Problem: Technology fails you again, computer glitches
Solution: Take a few minutes in this forward bend. Give yourself room between your chair and your desk. Sit back against the chair with knees wide at edge of seat. Inhale deeply and as you exhale bend a…

Sept. 17 Restore Series

There may have been a little more of silent sighing out yesterday during class - a few of you falling deeper into relaxation, less holding yourself up, and perhaps more space to heal.  I feel grateful that each of you come back to your mat/bolster/blankets each week.  

I grew up listening and watching to the Monkeys.  Yes I am a child of the seventies (my informative years).  Do you remember the song Daydream Believer?  I do and of course Davey Jones's  dreamy eyes.  I found this short article from Dr. Weil on daydreaming and how it too begins to activate the Relaxation Response just as our Restorative practice does.  You may either want to keep your eyes closed or have your eyes soft at half mast when daydreaming.  (

Friday 09/13/2013Join the conversation! Why Daydreaming May Be Good For You!If you thought daydreamers were just wasting their time, think again. Harnessing the power of visual
imagination is an efficient and enjoyable way to activate the relaxation response.…

Sept. 10 Restore Series

After a long hiatus from blogging, I am back.  And more importantly, restorative yoga is back in  full swing.  So welcome to your "Go To" resource for restorative poses, breath, relaxation techniques and hopefully inspiration to continue on your path to wellness and conscious living.

We began this month's series in our new space at the Lochwood Barn.  If you haven't been to our new yoga studio in the old barn, please try to stop by to see and feel the good vibes coming from the rafters, the floors and hours and hours of love that was poured into it.   For those who live a wee too far away, here are some photos to tantalize your taste buds.

I have so many things to share with you as we journey together through this practice but first things first.  Take the time to try one of these poses at home, spend a few minutes each day to practice regulating the breath, and stretching your bodies and minds.  Give this practice some time, as you may not entirely feel a workout but …