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June 25 Restore Series

It was a bittersweet class yesterday.  I know that I need a short break from teaching restorative but I will miss this group of wonderful students ever so much. Some of you go to my regular classes but there is something very special about the group coming together in a restorative practice.  I have seen each of you grow in so many ways whether it be finding that inner stillness,  or finding the "you" in yourself, installing more creativity, quieting the mind and the chatter, or initiating the healing process.  You have been transformed.  I continue to hold an open place in my heart for you and invite you to explore this practice even during this "down" time in the series.

For further practice, here is the link to Kripalu's Online At Home classes. Sudha's Carolyn Lundeen's Restorative class is the right antidote to stressful times.

The Breath
Deepening …

June 18 Restore Series

One summer 4 years ago, I was traveling back from Montreal via Vermont and about 4 hours away from home.  It was then I heard a story on NPR about the benefits of napping.  Very dangerous subject for someone on a long drive but interesting nonetheless which kept me alert.  I love napping but seem to always have this feeling of guilt when I did "indulge".  My father was always a napper with no qualms about it at all.  I think this feeling of guilt stems from my mother berating my father for napping.  Well, the radio show assuaged those feelings.  Finally guilt-free napping.  Now just to find the time to get one in!

Here is Dr. Weil's take on Napping. Enjoy but stay awake until the end of the article, then go find your NAPVANA.

Is Napping Healthy?
Published: 6/13/201
Each Thursday in June the Daily Tip will cover aspects of aging gracefully, courtesy of Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging.
Studies on sleep and the opinions of sleep experts are convincing: napping has value. People who na…

June 11 Restore Series

Are you wondering how my deviant plan to get my girls to do housework while I am teaching is going?  It is actually working (2 days into it).  I came home not to the mess but to their rooms clean, the wash folded and the downstairs dusted.  Whether or not they just did it 5 minutes before I walk in the door, matters not.  Each morning the girls are greeted by a message on their easel with the weather, the time I will return, some tasks to be completed and of course, a lot of XO's.  My hope is to be consistent with this as I don't want my girls to be full time slugs this summer.  Only part time slugs will do.

Yoga Teacher/Student Affirmation

OM saha navatu
Saha nav bhunaktu
Saha viryam karavavahai
Tejasvi navadhitam astu
Ma vidvishavahai
OM shanti, shanti, shanti

May we be protected together
May we be nourished together
May we create strength among one another
May our study be filled with brillance and light
May there be no hostility between us
OM, peace, peace, peace

The Poses

June 4 Restore Series it really June already?  In just a few days, my kids will be let free from the confines of school and will run amok.  Actually it is more like they will sleep in late, eat whatever is most accessible, and get some well deserved rest from all their hard work.  And I will let this be for a few weeks.  Then mysterious notes from their mother will appear on the breakfast table, requesting their participation in household activities.  I am rubbing my palms in anticipation.  Ahh, the dark side of me!

Nice segue eh?


Me and My Shadow

Shine a light on the dark side of yourself to discover your negative tendencies, and change them. By Sally Kempton Liane is sure that Brian is the love of her life, but when they move in together, she begins to notice a disturbing pattern in herself. When he is late getting home or is absorbed in his work when she wants to talk, she feels red hot with resentment. Soon she sinks into infuriated silence or, worse, explodes at him. Catching a gli…