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May 21 Restore Series

The first wave of heat has arrived.  We are all feeling it and may escape to whatever cooling device works for you.  I like many of my female peers and peeps, am feeling a little extra these days from menopause.  I saw the production of Menopause about 8 years ago and couldn't believe that it would happen to me.  Life is such a journey........



Switching gears from moments of intense heat and sweating, to Being Bored!  Do you recall a certain childhood summer, where none of your friends were around, nothing to do and possibly it was a rainy day.  You lamented this fact to your parents and you were bored.  Oh to have that time back!  We are now overstimulated with mind-numbing electronics, feel as though if we are not doing anything that we are wasting time, and possibly afraid to have time to ourselves to think, feel.  Well, all of that busyness may add up to dis-ease.  We need downtime, boredom as a counterbalance, to bring on peace and inspiration.


May 7 Restore Series

We all need to find our own way I think.  I say this as my youngest daughter storms into the house complaining of too much homework.  I dole out advice left and right to her but she is so not hearing me.  She needs to find a way to deal on her own.  This advice is good for an 8 year old and a 46 year old and even an 80 year old.  Why do we always want to change someone else when we have so much work to do on ourselves?  Just food for thought on this lovely afternoon, as I work on changing my reaction to my daughter, one breath at a time.

The Breath - Breath with Expanding Sphere
Calm Your Class in One Minute with a Breathing Sphere
guest post by Jim GillenOne of our favorite ways of teaching and encouraging children to breathe healthfully is by using a Hoberman breathing sphere – a popular children’s toy that’s basically a geodesic dome made of jointed segments. By lightly pushing or pulling it on opposite sides, you can make it expand or contract, accordion-style. The movement serves as…

Fancy Flyer and All - Free Yoga Class

Somatic Flow & Restore (AKA Minimal Props All Warmed Up)

This will be a first in a series of posts highlighting some of the poses from our twice-monthly Somatic Flow & Restore class at Moyo.  This is your chance to try out poses using a minimal number of props.  Always feel free to supplement the props with whatever makes you comfortable.

This is an absolutely wonderful practice because it is easily accessbile (you don't have to own a ton of props) and there is less set-up between poses (ease of mind).  Make sure that you warm up your spine, moving it in all directions and find a breath that helps initiate the Relaxation Response (Three part, Equal Breath, Extending Exhalation - see breathing exercises at sidebar).

Pose #1 (at beginning of class)

Pose #2

Pose #3

Pose #4

Pose #5

Inspiration of the Day

It just came to me, this inspiration of the day thing.  It may be better tweeted but the only tweeting I am accustomed to are the birds outside my window.  I wake up and what is my inspiration of the day?

Today - my students and specifically, the students in my Yoga class for cancer patients, survivors and their caretakers.  I teach a weekly class at Grandview Hospital in Sellersville specific to these students.  I have been leading classes like this for 7 years but only the past two at Grandview.  I feel so lucky that we have a home at Grandview to offer such a class.

I am forever grateful for these students as they have taught me so much and all I do is gracefully lead them to their innate wholeness.  They come to class scared, stressed, depressed, sad, angry, nervous, anxious, confused, and with a whole host of other emotions.  Some are actively in treatment whether it be chemotherapy, radiation therapy, post-surgery.  Others may be post-treatment 2, 3, even 10 years later.  And the…