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April 23 Restore Series

Ahhh a home retreat - doesn't that sound like a little slice of heaven.  Is it possible in our busy everyday lives, to carve out some time for a retreat or even create a space?  I say "why not?".  Your family and friends will be so much better off.  Check out some of these easy to follow tips from Yoga Journal on setting up a hOMe retreat (November 2009).

Setting It Up
Find a time when you have the house to yourselfTurn off TV, computer, cell phoneLet others know that you are not availablePut aside any to-do listsDesign a schedule for waking and going to bed, yoga and other retreat activitiesWhat Do I Do on a hOMe retreat?
YogaMeditateRead inspirational books, articlesWalk, exerciseCreative activities like art, cooking, singing, dancingJournalThis time with yourself may surprise you as strong emotions that stay tucked away may surface once you slow down and give yourself space.  Ultimately, it is a reconnection with yourself.  Finally, give yourself the time to return to yo…

April 16 Restore Series

A topsy turvy world we live in.  I tried and tried to get my head around what happened on Monday in Boston but couldn't.  I then realized that maybe I didn't have to at that moment or at any moment.  Violence, hate - all leave a bad taste in my mouth and are not indigenous to my spirit.  And how do I
personally cope with the death and morbid destruction?  For me to stay balanced and not also digest this hatred, I have to send out love in all directions.  To those who have suffered in this tragedy, to those who helped the victims, and yes, even to those who created such an atrocity.

To All Beings Everywhere.........

The Practice of Metta Karuna

This won't come easy to practice love and kindness to others and to self, but the key word is Practice.  First thing in the morning, set your intention to practice Metta Karuna.  Some of the following verses may help you in this endeavor.

Waking this morning, I smile A brand new day is before me. I aspire to live each moment mindfully. And t…

April 2 & 9 Restore Series

I am finally beginning to feel that Spring has arrived and will remain for the duration of her season.  I think that I have transitioned.  Both Mother Nature and I took our own sweet time to change over from Winter.  I still had some winter projects to accomplish, and she had a few more cold, snowy days to spit out.  You may be feeling slightly overwhelmed with the changes as your own systems are in flux.  This pertains to us and to nature. My restorative teacher, Jillian Pransky, said recently that a lot is happening in our soil right now.  The components and makeup of the soil are changing daily to accommodate and nurture the new life bursting forth.

Relaxing the Eyes
Sit comfortably and cup the hands over the eyes.  The heel of each hand will rest on the upper cheek bone with fingers pointing upward.  The eyes are closed. Do not press into the eyes.  Try to eliminate any light from the cracks between the fingers by pressing fingers together. Stay like this for a few minutes enjoying…