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March 26, Restore Series

Good Day World - Watch how I start my day!  With an Attitude of Gratitude.  I swear I think that is what keeps me sane, even keeled and humbled in a good way.  I find as I continue to practice yoga in all its forms, that my day has more space in it.  It is within that space that I am able to pause.   These pauses are initiated with my breath being long and deep.  And it is in the pauses, that a feeling of gratitude comes bubbling up.

Some of these pauses contain a cathartic release of pressure but most of them, are small tinges of gratefulness (perhaps small in scope but important nonetheless for the big picture).  Here is my latest list of what I am grateful for (as of 1:43 p.m.)

that my Internet is workingAetna actually responded in a timely fashion to a questionseeing small buds on my blueberry bushone daughter who cleans her room and is organizedone daughter who thrives in chaosthis new balancing ball chair I am sitting on which allows me to work on this blog without shoulder pain (…

March 19 Restore Series

Why does one story resonate with us more than another?  I am referring to this connection and tugging at my heart that I have with one Matthew Knoebel.  I first heard of his story (and there are so many) from Patch, the online local paper.  He is an 8th grader at Penndale Middle School in Lansdale and has/had acute myeloid leukemia, cancer of the blood and bone marrow.   I write 'had' as his cancer cells have been eradicated through intense chemotherapy.   But his bone marrow has been destroyed and now needs to be replaced.  His on and off again home has been CHOP.  Beginning either later tonight or tomorrow, they will begin the bone marrow transplant.  It has been a rough ride up and down hills for him and his mom and whole family.

The community has rallied behind Matthew and his mom with Blood Drives, bake sales, even Old Navy had a Day of Caring on his behalf.  Yes, costs are mounting for this family.  Even songs have been written (see link)…

March 12 Restore Series

Yesterday, I had a lovely day off from yoga spending it with my mom and sister.  Lunch at the Lederach Tea Room and then off to the Peter Becker Flower Show.  Mother/daughter/sister time is so precious to me.  I could just see the beautiful circle of our womanhood, and interconnectedness of our genes.  I am looking forward to my very own mother/daughter/sister day out with my own children.

Here is a picture of my project for this spring taken from one of the displays at the flower show.  If you get the opportunity, check out their show this year, most appropriately named, "My Favorite Things".

The Breath
Breathing Through the Back of the Body

This breath can be practiced in all poses but I find it easier to feel the back body in Childs pose (Balasana) or while doing Cat/Cow.  Begin with your Three-Part Breath, Belly, ribs to chest.  Taking a few minutes to establish a rhythm.   Then deepen inhalation to move the breath to the low back (feel expansion from front to back and side …

March 5 Restore Series

Bienvenidos! This new blog photo may seem like a slice of heaven.  Honestly, it was awe inspiring to rise before the sun and then welcome it with open arms, in all its grandeur and heat.  Sun salutations take on  new meaning.

Besides, the beautiful moments in the morning practicing yoga, I spent some time purging and letting go.  My elimination exercises took place by the beach, as I scribbled in the sand those things that were not serving me and then let the waves wash them away.  Or on our snorkeling trip, picking up a beautiful sea urchin from the sea floor, admiring it for its beauty and tenacity, and then returning it to its home.  And to the ultimate in releasing, not lamenting the fact, that I could not stay in the warmth of the  Punta Cana sunshine, and relishing instead, in that I was there.

What do you hold onto that is not serving you either mentally, physically or emotionally?  Check in with yourself during the day to notice if what you are saying, doing or thinking, affec…