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Feb. 19 Restore Series

I avoid dark places.  When I was a child, it was the spot between the staircase and the bathroom or down in the basement by the stack of boxes in the corner. They were a version of no man's land.  Well into my forties, I still avoid dark places.  Some are real places but most are the darkness within me.   I just don't want to go there.  Soul searching is not for me.  No way, no how.  But looking at those dark places may be the only way to happiness.  One must traverse those paths before alighting upon their true selves. 

What are you avoiding? How do you circumvent those dark places?  How does it feel in your physical body to actually face the dark places?  Check out the link below for some further introspection into the dark places as you embrace both the light and dark.

Ode to the Unbroken (Bo Forbes)

The Breath
Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)

This breath invites the calm in, balancing both sides of our nasal passages and our brain.  We tend to breath predom…

Feb. 12 Restore Series

Last Friday, I was on my way to teach and I got behind the 'Most Careful' driver in the world (15 miles under the speed limit).  I observed my blood pressure climbing, my thoughts of being late running rampant, my wishes for this driver to please, please take the next right turn off of the road.  This may seem like a normal driving day for some but not for me.  I usually have more compassion for the other person and am acceptable to the fact that I may be late but I will arrive safely.  My rational side kicked in after a few miles of this; musing that perhaps this was an older person with a record of  accidents and is extra careful driving in wet conditions.  My final thought was that the universe had a reason for me being behind the car.  

A few hours later, I am food shopping at my favorite emporium, Wegmans.  Usually a glorious and wonderful experience with much dancing in the aisles.  Not today though.  Carts seem to be in my path at every turn.  Cart parking jams occurred …

February 5 Restore Series

Welcome to and Welcome back to your place and space for Restorative Yoga.  Yes, indeed I took a hiatus.  It involved a very, very fun trip to the world's biggest playground, Disney World and to visit family.  I also needed a break from yoga, restorative and other practices, as I found that my teaching became dull.  Perhaps others didn't notice it but I did and didn't feel like I was doing any justice to my students or myself.

So I made my reentrance to practicing and teaching yoga in January.  And I found that the culprit for my much needed break was that an intense ache that I was feeling in my left hip, back leg and sometimes low back.  I was constantly worried about this pain and trying all kinds of things to eradicate it from  my life.  It became all consuming.  The holiday trip afforded me a chance to heal, walk a lot (Disney) to stretch out the muscles and give my worrying mind a break.

My restorative practice is not only a haven for healing now but a daily meditat…