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May 22, 2012 Restore Series

Did you ever wonder what the difference is between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga?  Both are held for longer periods of time, both may use props, both open up space in the body.  Read on about the Yin  practice, their benefits and some Yin poses that you can try at home.

Take stock of where you are now within the scope of your Sankalpa (intention), your restorative practice, the way that your physical being feels, the breath and your mind.  Tune into your whole being as you journal.

The Poses
Sublime Side Lean
Props: bolster or 2 or 3 pillows or blankets Benefits: Stretches the torso and provides a gentle twist which allows a release in tension in the lower back area.
Place bolster or the 2 or 3 blankets or pillows horizontally on your mat or floor. Lie on right side with hip at the base of the blankets or pillows.  Torso should rest on the stack.  Right arm rest on the floor with the palm up.  The left arm can reach over the head to increase the stretch.  Close your eyes and allow yo…

May 15, 2012 Restore Series

Kosha, Santosha, Dosha and Moshi

I just love rhyming words.  All those except for Moshi are related to Eastern medicine and yoga philosophy.  If you want to know what a Moshi is ask my 8 year old daughter.   So Santosha, Dosha aside, this week's blog will be about the Koshas.  I will give a brief overview of the koshas and how they pertain to your yogic practice and your life which is essentially your yogic practice.  Check out the image of the Koshas below and read on for this informative overview and the journaling. 

The Breath
1:1 Breath or Equal Breath
Find a comfortable seated position or laying down. Focus in on your breath, becoming aware of its pattern before beginning this breath. Make a conscious effort to inhale and exhale for the same count (2 to 3). Find a calm, steady awareness of the breath, the feel, the temperature, the way it enters and exits the body. Practice this breath anywhere. Continue this for 2 to 3 minutes. 
1:2 Breathe or Extended Exhale
A basic breath that y…

May 1, 2012 Restore Series

I gingerly placed 8 plants in my composted vegetable garden this morning. I wished them well and bid them adieu.  I am letting Mother Nature take over for awhile.  This is best for me and the plants.  I have learned from experiences good and bad, that when I try to control and overly manage something, it backfires on me.  I am cultivating trust in myself and the natural world.  This doesn't mean that I don't prepare the soil and visit the plants to water and weed.  I just take an attitude of whatever may be, it is.  

I encourage you to think about areas in your life where you may need to trust more.  It could be in situations, with certain people, with yourself, and in relationships.  Write these out in your journal and then try some of the Tools for Trust meditations and journal your discoveries. 

The Tools for Trust

This video from You Tube has some really great questions to ask yourself.  Enjoy!

Meditation for Trust Podcast
Check out their website …