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April 24, 2012 Restore Series

Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) - try saying that 10 times fast.  Make you stressed out??  Sorry.   Indulge me a little as I delve into what it is, why it is important and ways to tap into and improve it.

There are two sides to every coin.  So as to not exclude both sides of the nervous system, I will introduce the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) as well. The entire coin is called the autonomic nervous system, with half the system activated in response to stress, while the other half is suppressed.  We commonly refer to these two systems as the Flight or Fight (SNS) or the Rest and Digest (PSNS).  The first half is the sympathetic nervous system which originates in the brain with projections that exit out of your spine and into nearly every organ in your body.  It is activated under emergencies or what we think of as emergencies.  The chemical. adrenaline is released when this systems kicks in.  It is used to basically save your life.

The other half of the coin, the parasympathet…

April 17, 2012 Restore Series

Transformational, inner cosmicmorphisis (I think I just made that one up!).  Two words to describe what we have observed in you, our students, as you practice Restorative Yoga.  Whether it is in the way you transition into a pose now, or how your breath is more regulated and deep, or there is less fidgeting; a  change has occurred.  Perhaps there are some other areas off the mat, in your life that have changed while you've been practicing restorative yoga.  Major shifts can occur when you practice yoga and meditation.  The changes begin within you and then surface externally in relationship, job, home and lifestyle shifts.  I found a great article from Yoga Journal on Navigating Change with the seven core yogic teachings to guide you through change (see below).  Use your journal to write down any responses and/or intentions (sankalpa) to this self-inquiry.

The Breath
Awareness of the wavelike quality of your breath.  Feel the inflow as a wave rolls into the shore and the breath movi…

April 10, 2012 Restore Series

Ah, the winds, the shifting, changing winds. How to stay grounded while this wind blows you in a multitude of directions.  Analogous to life.  Without adding one more thing to your busy life, why not try "letting go".  

How to develop the ability to "let go" is what Carmen led you through in this week's class. First, allowing your body to lay upon the imaginary rocks of a mountain brook, lightly allowing your bones and muscles to relax into the stream of breath.  With the addition of the Side Lean pose, your side body lengthened gracefully all supported by the breath.  This last pose created the space to turn into as you breathed and relaxed into the supported twist.  Letting go of the muscular tension.  We hope that you enjoyed your freedom flight with the "Eagle" guided visualization.  

#1 What are some other ways in the "real" world that you ground yourself.  Write down some of your own practices?  Some examples from my own life a…

April 3, 2012 Restore Series

This month's photo is from the Morris Arboretum.  I took the photo while on a hike there last Sunday. I discovered treasures around every nook, cranny and corner and anticipate more discoveries in the future. Check out their website for more information on their programs and membership. Morris Arboretum.  Nature was calling to me.  We feel it in the shifting winds, the earth turning up new growth and in our upturned gaze to the buds on the trees.  May you find some magic on the forest floor.  Treasures are sure to show up.

Welcome back to your restorative practice.  Some are picking up from last month and some are returning after a few months off.  Take your time to come into the practice, never rushing.  And don't worry if it is not completely bliss at first.  Use your breath and return to your intention (Sankalpa); perhaps even making it a mantra you can use in the poses.  See what unfolds

The Breath
Rhythmic Breathing

Rhythmic breathing is becoming aware of the breath and follo…