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Oct. 25, 2011 Restore Series

Please Press "0" for an operator!  So did you ever have the experience of having to call an insurance, electric, phone or any huge congomlerate with the uptmost of dread?  Well, I approached my impending call to a certain insurance company yesterday with the same dread that I would envision a root canal or a colonoscopy.  My breath got shorter, I found my breakfast compacted into my much smaller, more tension ridden stomach, my shoulders went into defensive mode and landed at my ears.  And so on and so on.  I anticipated a long wait, a senseless customer service representative, and the perpetual passing of the customer baton.  So, how did it go? The actual call and resolution was nothing like I imagined.  A courteous knowledgeable representative, yes a high call volume but the call was still answered within five minutes and no passing me along like a hot potato.  Resolution achieved but my own self-projection of what I thought the experience would be, not so great.  Physical…

Oct. 18, 2011 Restore Series

Lions and tigers and bears oh my!  No we are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy but we are exactly where we need to be - in the present.  Dealing with the present is one of the hardest things a human can do. Easier to hide in the past or project in the future.  Unraveling what is happening now takes focus, balance, yielding, space, promptness but not rushing, and a multitude of other things.

How can we prepare for the present? PRACTICE! That is all.  There aren't any recitals, exams to pass, or finish lines to cross.  Practice with the tools you have to stay present whether it is yoga, restorative, meditation, walks, cooking, etc.  And if you happen to see lions, tigers and bears, roaming around, take a deep breath in and realize that it is Halloween and all is well!

See below for this weeks breath and poses as well as an informative paragraph on the Koshas which will help explain what we are working through in a restorative class.   Please note that we are running one more series in No…

Oct. 11, 2011 Restore Series

The neighborhood is quiet, no humming of mowers, no weedwackers wacking - ahhhhh..... quiet.  Wait, within the quiet is a symphony of sound.  I witness the bees buzzing around the bush in front of me, buzz, buzz.  A conversation three houses down about football.  My mums reaching for the last remaining rays of daylight.  Finally the crickets add their own chorus summoning the end of a day.  I try as I may but there is no silence, there is always a hum, a vibration out there.  My moment in all of this cacophony is to find stillness not silence.

The Breath
Coming into the Now
Listen to your breath, hear the air come in and go out. Feel the qualities of this breath, the sound, the temperature, the sensation in your nostrils, any vibrations and movement made in your body as the breathes moves through you.  Now tune into the bones, the muscles of your body, the blood flow, your heartbeat.
Practice for Releasing Fear
Lie down in a comfortable spot or sit comfortably in a chair. Inhale and let y…

Oct. 4, 2011 Restore Series

Transformation - whether or not we are ready for it, Mother Nature is well on its way to changing the seasons!  I woke this morning to an explosion of color around me. No, it wasn't the sun but the last hurrah of the leaves, the plants, the flowers, the grass, even the rocks seems to dazzle in color.  They are all announcing that they need a little break now but will be back in full color once again come spring.

We all need a little break to be our dazzling selves.  But riding the waves of changing seasons can wreak havoc on the immune system, our balance, and our relationships.  Seek some middle ground to support yourself.

Try this one on for size - an on-line "free" hour long class from Kripalu. The Restorative class led by Sudha Carolyn Lundeen was my inspiration for our practice yesterday.  See the link and check this class out and the others led by amazing teachers at Kripalu.  Kripalu Restorative Class
The Breath
Equal Breath 

Find a comfortable seated position or layin…