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We Heard from You......

With great thanks to our students from the June Series as they navigated the world of Restorative Yoga.  I've received some wonderful feedback on the series and how the restorative practice felt within their physical, mental and emotional states of being.  I'd like to share these with you.

  • What has been the most significant change to your health and/or wellbeing after being in the series?
 I usually have problems with sciatica in my right leg.  It could be coincidence but I have noticed a considerable improvement since taking the classes.
Understanding that there are many ways to deal with the many stresses in my life and that the Restorative Yoga is on the top of my list.
This practice has made me more aware of my breathing.

I loved the Restorative Yoga Series!!  I believe the most significant change to my well- being.. Was gaining a better well- being.  I loved the ability to focus and compartmentalize any negative feelings/anxieties that creep up ( and most often didn't occur- i believe due to Restorartive Yoga) when I wasn't in session.  But during session.. My worries and repetitive negative thoughts melted away!!  I hope to carry the positions we learned and use them throughout each week and in my life to help center me when needed ( and when not 'needed!').

I have been able to be more mindful of my body, when it's at rest, and when it's not relaxed.  I have more techniques to help with anxiety and stress, and to help me sleep.
  • Have you noticed any changes in your energy, your sleep patterns or your attitudes?
Because of the sciatica improvement I feel that I sleep better.

Since I have been dealing with more detoxification from Mercury removal I have not seen a lot of benefits except that I believe my symptoms would probably be even worse without the modality of yoga and Restorative in particular.
Not yet, but I feel if I continue these poses it may help my attitude and sleep issues. 

Yes.. I feel my energy increased.. But I certainly felt so relaxed that I've taken some wonderful naps.. Sleep better in general..and my dreams have even been more peaceful ( I used to wake up from sleep & my dreams feeling stressed and anxious!).

Generally, I have taken a more head on approach to times when I feel stress or anxiety, than I used to.  I feel like I have more control of these situations. 
  • Briefly describe how you incorporated Relaxation and the Restorative practice in your daily life.
I find the legs up the wall to be the most helpful pose.

By being more mindful of taking some down time for myself and doing something I enjoy every day even if it is only for five minutes.
If I become impatient at work, I force myself to take a timeout and focus on my breath. 

Wonderful breathing and relaxing poses.. ..and learning to focus on the moment.. & appreciate each moment.  They don't take long.. But the effects have been very positive and long lasting for me.. Again.. My goal with yoga has always been to bring more relaxation, more inner peace, less anxiety and emotional balance to my life.. & I thank you for teaching me and allowing me to share in the Restorative Yoga practice with you, Carmen and our class.

I have used some of the techniques and positions during the day when I'm tense (working at home, where I can take a break and lie on the floor!) and at night when I have trouble sleeping.
  • Did you have any negative experiences in this practice?
No negative effects.

Absolutely no negative experiences except that the classes were over all too soon.
No if anything, I found some of the poses uncomfortable due to trouble breathing. I  would allow myself to become frustrated  and would miss out on the benefit of the pose.

Absolutely none.. Only wish for more classes!!

No.  Some of the positions were better than others for my body, but nothing was a negative.  I just need more practice. 

  • Would you recommend this series to others?
I would be interested in Restorative Yoga classes in the fall if I can incorporate them into my schedule (I go away a lot).

Without question I would recommend this series to others.

Yes, and allow yourself to relax.

100% yes!!  ( only as long as there was still room in the class for me!!)!!

Yes, this was a little respite in my week that I looked forward to each Tuesday!  A "time out" in my schedule!  Thank you for this series...


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