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We Heard from You......

With great thanks to our students from the June Series as they navigated the world of Restorative Yoga.  I've received some wonderful feedback on the series and how the restorative practice felt within their physical, mental and emotional states of being.  I'd like to share these with you.

What has been the most significant change to your health and/or wellbeing after being in the series?  I usually have problems with sciatica in my right leg.  It could be coincidence but I have noticed a considerable improvement since taking the classes. Understanding that there are many ways to deal with the many stresses in my life and that the Restorative Yoga is on the top of my list. This practice has made me more aware of my breathing.

I loved the Restorative Yoga Series!!  I believe the most significant change to my well- being.. Was gaining a better well- being.  I loved the ability to focus and compartmentalize any negative feelings/anxieties that creep up ( and most often didn't occ…