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Feedback on the Restorative Series at Moyo

I asked the students to complete a short questionnaire on their experience during the series.  Here are the responses.  Stay tuned for more information on a May Restorative Workshop and another June series.

  • What has been the most significant change to your health and/or wellbeing after being in the series?
"All over easing of tension in my body"

"What I loved about the series is how you both came around giving your gentle touch (for ex. cute little animals placed on my shoulders...reminding me to let them fall open to the earth and assuring me that it's okay to let go and that this is exactly what I needed."

"Feel very relaxed and peaceful after each class"

"Although I was not able to attend all four classes, I was able to practice at home.  The most significant change in me was definitely my mental and emotional health.  I was able to come to ground level and find inner peace that helped me face the days challenges."

"I absolutely felt restored after each one of the classes.  By not only taking an hour for myself, but 'planning' an hour for myself each week, I put my well-being on top of the priority list.  I relaxed, meditated, and felt my body release into the poses. It was all so nurturing."

  • Have you noticed any changes in your energy, your sleep patterns or your attitudes?
"Definitely slept better"

"And do this series allowed me and most importantly it 'reminded me' just let go and melt into the supported foundations underneath me."

"Probably a more calm, less worried attitude"

"Being able to find a place of peace, restore my inner health and move forward with a more energized positive attitude.  Although I must say...coincidental or not...I have had extremely strange dreams!"
"I slept unbelievably well the night of each class. Last night I could not stay up until my usual time of about 11, and slept more than an hour longer than usual. I felt that by stopping everything for an hour and totally relaxing and giving to myself, I came away energized and ready to give that great feeling to others. This has made a me a true believer in taking care of others."

  • Briefly describe how you incorporated Relaxation and the Restorative practice in your daily life.
"Did review each pose"

"I plan on getting my bolster soon so that I can continue my favorite pose, supported child's pose"

"My husband is going through a "sickness" right now.  It has been going on for three months now of doctors, specialists, blood work...everything is saying he is ok but he feels pain and discomfort.  My heart believes he is hitting a psychological breakdown in his life that is genetic for his family.  This has caused amazing deal of stress on me, our relationship and our family.  The Restorative practice gives me to "recharge" my energies and move forward.  Without it, I may be a lot more stressed."

"While I was participating in the series, I tried a few of the poses everyday or so at home. Now that the course if over, I am going to do at least one a day for at least 20 minutes. The last class showed me how beneficial it is to stay in the pose for a longer period of time."
  • Did you have any negative experiences in this practice?

"Due to a car accident in January, some things were uncomfortable for my neck.  However, Diane and Carmen were quick to help me with alternative positions to be able to get the full affect of the position without discomfort."

"No. Only that I hated when it was over every week!"

  • Where there any parts of this series that you would have changed?  And if so, what?
"Should go another 2 sessions"

"No, I would not change anything"

NO!!!!!!!, MORE classes in a series!!!!

"I don't think so. I enjoyed the reading and the music and the general feeling in the room. People were very friendly, but were definitely there for a purpose other than to chit chat. I really appreciate the work you put into the follow-up emails. I doubt I would have remembered how to set up some of the poses if I did not have those to refer back to."

  • Would you recommend this series to others?

"As a teacher, I found it wonderful for guiding my own students into further releasing by using this gentler form of yoga, especially for injuries. I would definitely recommend this series to others" 

"Yes, definitely"


"Absolutely. There are so many facets to yoga and this certainly balances some of the more physical sides of the practice. I would love to bring friends and family to this course."


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