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A Taste of Restorative

Thank you for spending your Memorial Day with us.  I hope that the little break in your afternoon will give you a feeling for what a restorative yoga practice is all about.  Of course, there is much much more but with continued practice, it can become part of your daily activity.  

We covered some basic restorative poses in our workshop yesterday which even when practicing one or two for 5 minutes a day, can bring on that "Remembered Wellness".  Enjoy looking through these poses and some of the others.  Experiment with the use of the props and even create your very own pose.  

Please check out some of the other Blog entries for other poses, breathwork, tips on journaling, Seva, Intention or Sankalpa and high-tech places to find relaxation.

Mountain Brook Pose

Props: bolster, 2-3 blankets, block, neck roll, eye pillow
Benefits: counteracts the slumped position of our posture from sitting, computer use, driving, everyday activities. Opens the chest to help breathe easier. Improves …

Reflections - April 12, 2011 Class

Welcome Back to your Restorative Yoga Blog!    You've now experienced two classes of restorative yoga.  What was your experience like?  Do you have a favorite pose yet?  Keep reflecting on your Sankalpa and weaving it into your life.  I've wrapped up this weeks poses, our breathing practice and a few other nuggets in the blog.  Enjoy!

Reclined Bound Angle with Strap

Props: bolster, 4 blocks (or firm cushions, pillows, rolled up blankets), 4 blankets, one extra blanket for warmth or for wrapping feet in, strap, eye pillow. Benefits: opens the hips and groin facilitating blood and energy flow to the urinary tract and reproductive organs. Opens the chest and abdomen benefiting breathing problems. 

Place a block lengthwise under one end of a bolster to prop it up on an incline, add another block under bolster for stability. Place a double-fold blanket on floor next to low end of bolster and a long rolled blanket on top next to bolster (for sacral support). Sit with your back to t…

Feedback on the Restorative Series at Moyo

I asked the students to complete a short questionnaire on their experience during the series.  Here are the responses.  Stay tuned for more information on a May Restorative Workshop and another June series.

What has been the most significant change to your health and/or wellbeing after being in the series?"All over easing of tension in my body"

"What I loved about the series is how you both came around giving your gentle touch (for ex. cute little animals placed on my shoulders...reminding me to let them fall open to the earth and assuring me that it's okay to let go and that this is exactly what I needed."

"Feel very relaxed and peaceful after each class"

"Although I was not able to attend all four classes, I was able to practice at home.  The most significant change in me was definitely my mental and emotional health.  I was able to come to ground level and find inner peace that helped me face the days challenges."

"I absolutely felt resto…