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Moyo Restorative Class April 26, 2011

Lo and behold, we actually had a sunny, warm day for our class yesterday!  A warm thanks for your participation in our first Moyo  restorative series.  I enjoyed the connection that each of us shared with each other and really enjoyed seeing how you connected with yourselves.  It has been said that "a little dab will do you".  Well in restorative, I think that is very true.  A little goes a long way in your overall health and wellness.  Keep enjoying the poses we did through the series and have fun perhaps making up your own.  Keep your Sankalpa alive and well, bringing it into every aspect of your life.

Therapeutic Spinal Strip
Props: 1 rolled up blanket, lengthwise, 1 blanket double-fold, neck pillow Benefits: reinvigorates the spine bringing fresh blood and oxygen. With deep breath, can give the effect of a massage on the spine.
Roll a single-fold blanket keeping the roll more on the flatter side.  This becomes your spinal strip.  Lay this strip down on the floor and pla…

Moyo Restorative Class April 19, 2011

Greetings Everyone!  Welcome back to your space, your place.  I really appreciate that you are all on this journey together to discovering your remembered wellness.  It is amazing to see how you are all progressing in the series, how much quicker you get settled into a pose, how the breathing is deeper, broader, more spaced out and how our wild monkey minds tune into the quietness.  I've even observed several of you making micro-adjustments with the props.

Enjoy the review of this weeks poses, the 2 to 1 breath, Yoga Nidra, Blanket Folding 101 and tech stuff for zoning out.

Supported Lumbar Stretch

Props: Rolled up blanket, eye pillow Extras: blanket for warmth Benefits: Lengthens lumbar spine, releases tension in lower back.
Roll one blanket thick enough to fit comfortably in your lumbar curve, resting at your waist not your sacrum (so right behind the navel). Test this out by laying down on it.  Can lay on any extra blanket.  Legs can be straight or bent. If bent, allow knees to…

Moyo Restorative Class April 5, 2011

Welcome to your very own special restorative place. Stay awhile, stroll around, put up your feet.
Carmine and I enjoyed our first class together with you. We hope that you had a few "Ahhhh" moments to release the layers of stress.  Below are the descriptions of the poses that we went through in class complete with photos.  Also I've included a review of the Equal Breath, Sankalpa and some suggestions for props.  Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback from your first class or the blog. 

*You will create your very own neck roll to use in class and bring home with you next week.
**Note in all poses, you may want to cover yourself up with a blanket to stay warm.

Legs On Chair Pose

Props chair, 2-3 blankets, neck roll, eye pillow
Extras Sandbag, Webkinz stuffed animals
Benefits: relaxes the muscles of the lower back, legs, refreshes the legs, relaxes the muscles and organs of the abdomen.  Blanket on belly or legs.

Place a blanket on chair so you don't feel the hard s…